Worship Arts Ministries

North Point is blessed by the level of commitment and faithfulness of those involved in our Worship Arts Ministries. Altogether, over thirty people serve in the North Point Choir, Worship Teams and Communications Ministry, and each one of them bring their own unique gifts and perspectives to these vital ministries.

The North Point Choir is committed to growth in musical mastery and devotion to each other. The choir performs a wide range of musical styles, from classical, contemporary, ethnic traditions. Many times the choir has left us all acutely aware of God’s presence.

The Communications Ministry handles the huge job of sound reinforcement, graphic design and projection support for music and messages, stage lighting, and recording the video and audio of our public services. We are grateful for all those who punch buttons, slide sliders, adjust gain knobs and focus cameras every week.

Our Worship Teams serve with great faithfulness and effectiveness. Their energy and enthusiasm sometimes causes the congregation to get so wrapped up in praise that our teams feel the people in the pews are leading them! 

Finally, the Congregation of North Point is what the Worship Ministry is all about. It is truly the single most important singing group of North Point, and every week it’s heartfelt, enthusiastic praise proves inspirational.