The Next Door




The Next Door Youth Center is open during the week to middle school and high school students. Students are welcome to stop by for snacks, help with homework, a place to hang and play video games and/or with friends. Currently the hours are: Tuesdays 2:25pm to 4:30 pm, Wednesdays, 1:25pm to 4:30 pm, Thursdays, 2:25pm to 4:30 pm

Bring your friends and hang out. Or meet some new ones!

Use our safe and comfortable space to get some homework done.

Take advantage of some free tutoring

(warning, we may not be good at every subject!)

Participate in some of our free programs and events.

Talk to an adult leader who will lend a listening ear.

And the best news is, we are staying COVID-19 safe!

Our church leaders and parents are continuing to work on programming that will support and engage our students online and in person. We look forward to partnering with Youth for Christ to reach more students and families in the area. Contact the office at with any questions.

North Point Church and West Sound Youth For Christ celebrate and thank the businesses, organizations and individuals who generously donated their time, talents and resources to make this new center a welcoming place for teens in our community. Supporters include:

Sunset Electric NW, Inc.,

Mitzlaff Independent Enterprises,

Carl’s Building Supply, Inc.,

Olympic Ridge, Inc.,



Viking Fence Company Inc.,

Groves & Co., Inc.,

Peninsula Paint Company,

Kat Trax Inc.,

Shoomadoggie Flooring,

Richard Prine, Architect,

Rick’s Plumbing,

Wenberg Color Design, LLC,

Life Line Homes,

The Teel Foundation,

Hillcrest Church,

Gateway Fellowship,

Stimac Construction,

Brad Smith,

Kevin Henning