Opportunities to Serve

Consider one of the following Opportunities to Serve in our community: 


Coffee Oasis On Fridays we will be preparing lunches for distribution to teens in need at Coffee Oasis. Contact Ty at tybrillhart@gmail.com if you would like to prepare food.


Thinking of You The Volunteer Coordinator at Fishline mentioned that it would be very meaningful if our Sunday School kids could write encouragement cards to be given out to some of their clients: cards that would let them know that they are not alone and that we care about them. There are many who are feeling very lonely and worried about the future, and I think our kids could help bring God’s love and kindness to some of them. The kids can make one card to mail to a friend that they would like to encourage, and then make a card to send to Fishline. Adults can participate too!

To get the cards to Fishline, drop them off in the mailbox at the office, and addressed to Fishline and we will deliver them in a batch. If you haven’t ever seen the mailbox at the office it is in the driveway closest to the office, under the STOP sign.


Poulsbo Cares The Poulsbo Cares initiative is looking for volunteers! The Housing, Health and Human Services Department of the City of Poulsbo is working with individuals, faith based institutions, and non-profits to coordinate volunteer efforts in Poulsbo. We know there are–and will be–many people experiencing hardship because of COVID 19.
They are currently looking for volunteers to help with: meal delivery, mask and sanitizer deliveries to Poulsbo businesses, and occasional kitchen shifts at the Gateway community kitchen. Please contact Kim Hendrickson at kimberlyh@cityofpoulsbo.com.


Freedom Project News

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus !

Thank you for the amazing way that you as a team have supported us in this global crisis. We are still continuing to meet the ever increasing need as the lock down continues for another week. We have been locked down for 2,5 months and daily wages are the most affected as all of them have lost jobs and not had any income, from providing dry rations to now feeding and distributing snacks and water to poor migrants who are fleeing the cities for their hometowns on foot or trailer trucks. It is a very sad sight, we start food rounds early in the morning and finish by evening. Please pray for protection for all of us and God’s provision too as we cannot meet the need on our own.

Out of these ashes has risen a story that I would like you to share, for the first time Christian individuals, churches and Christian organizations have formed a group across India and are reaching out to these migrants. It is really a miracle! We at Bangalore have formed a city chapter and we are one of the main drivers of this mission. The heart of compassion is so visible in the selfless sacrifices of believers as they load and unload water bottles or carry food to police stations and distribute them among hundreds crowding there. It is the church in action and we are so excited!

What started of as an individual effort has now turned into a large well organised meeting of needs. We urgently require more support. There is a Ketto link set up by the Bangalore Christian group of which we are a vital part that will allow for online giving. I will share it on Whatapp to Joy and if you can circulate it among friends and family that will be great. You can also continue to send us the money directly and we will put it towards this cause. In the next 2 weeks on the government estimate another 36 lakh (hundred thousand) migrants are going to leave the city of Bangalore.

We had  not only an abundance but variety as well this morning !!- Buns, eggs, bananas and hot samosas ! and we were the only ones so early in the morning! Breakfast for many was served before 8 am! Praise God that we serve an abundant and extravagant God! He is indeed our provider. Thank you to all those who have helped make this possible ,in the procurement of all the food and in pick ups and drop offs too!

This morning as I send this mail to you I am getting ready to leave for coordinating today’s feeding program at 7.30 am. We are targeting 2300 people today! Please do pray as often as you can as cases are increasing all around that the Lord will be our protection and that His love and compassion will be our only motivation.



South Africa Sister Churches We will be collecting funds to help support the community center run by volunteers from our sister churches in South Africa. The center normally provides meals for children 2-3 times a week but has been shut down due to the country’s lockdown during this time. They have been given special permission to distribute care packages to 100 families that are most at risk in the community. The care package will include basic supplies, fruit, vegetables, and kitchen staples such as flour. This care package will be enough for a family of 5 for one month and can be assembled for $20 US Dollars. You can donate to South Africa Sister Churches by dropping off a check in our mailbox or mailing to our office. Please make sure to indicate “South Africa” in the memo line of your check when making a gift.

We are continuously evaluating what our community needs during these uncertain times and will keep you posted.