Lead Pastor Transition

Greetings from your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

We have had the privilege of “meeting” a number of good candidates over the last few months. In reading through applications for our next long term pastor, it is clear that God is doing some very good and interesting things in His Kingdom. To date we have; reviewed over 70 Personal Information Forms (PIF’s), viewed numerous sermons, sent supplemental questions to our top candidates, met via Zoom with our top three candidates, and are currently working with two. We have received background checks back from Seattle Presbytery on each candidate. The committee is currently in the process of reviewing personal references. In order to get to know our candidates better, the committee held Zoom Bible studies with each of our candidates.  We are currently working on more ways to determine where we are being called.

Each candidate possesses different skills and talents. I ask your prayers for discernment and clarity for the committee. Please remember, neither one will be Mike or Tom. New things are coming.   As we move forward, I also ask you to pray all of our hearts to be open to the new direction that God will be leading us in the future.

In His Service
Keith Heino
Chair PNC

We are seeing God work in powerful ways through North Point. We believe the most exciting and effective days of ministry impact and life are still ahead of us.  

Important steps for us to continue to be involved:  

  1. Read the Mission Study Report.
  2. Fulfill your Hearts of Generosity pledge. For more information, click here
  3. Contribute for the first time to Hearts of Generosity. Every dollar committed puts us in a better financial position to what God is leading us to. 
  4. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and clarity for our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). Praise God for the clarity He has given to our search team by way of onsite conversations. Continue to pray for our search team, as they prepare to evaluate new candidates the Lord will provide.
  5. Determine and take the next steps of faith that God has outlined for us.
  6. Continue to pray for all who are stepping up to serve and lead at North Pointfor renewal, inspiration, and encouragement during this season.  

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue in the process of finding our next Lead Pastor.

Frequently asked questions:  

Q: How will we find our new pastor?  

Our church Nominating Committee — the same committee that finds and recommends elders, deacons, and committee members will prayerfully find and nominate seven church members to serve on the search committee, also called the Pastor Nominating Committee. As a congregation we will vote whether to appoint this slate of candidates, who will be authorized to conduct a search and recommend our next pastor. The PNC will have the support and counsel of the Seattle Presbytery as it undertakes this important task.  

Q: How will the PNC do this?  

  1. The PNC will receive a report on our church called a Mission Study, prepared by a subcommittee formed for this purpose. This report, which will also be made available to the congregation, will contain extensive information about our community, the ministries of North Point church, and the priorities, beliefs, hopes, and dreams of the congregation.
  2. The PNC will use the mission study to create a Ministry Information Form (MIF). This will be the churches resume, designed to communicate clearly who we are as a church: how North Point seeks to follow Jesus in the company of friends, for the sake of others and to the glory of God. 
  3. Session and Seattle Presbytery leadership will assist the PNC in finalizing the MIF, which will then be posted online, where pastoral candidates have access to it. 
  4. The PNC will begin receiving Pastor Information Forms from pastoral candidates seeking a call.   How long this process takes depends on how many PIF’s the PNC receives; it is possible that we will receive PIF’s, or even more. 
  5. The PNC reviews and prayerfully considers the PIFs, asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as to who God might be calling to North Point. 
  6. Through PIF review, online sermons, phone interviews and reference checks, the PNC identifies two top candidates. 
  7. On separate weekends, the two top candidates meet in person with the PNC, and each candidate preaches at a neutral church somewhere in the Seattle Presbytery (i.e., neither North Point nor the church where the candidate currently serves).
  8. The PNC chooses a final candidate and notifies Session and Seattle Presbytery. The Presbytery leadership does its own background check. 
  9. The candidate visits an preaches at North Point, and the congregation votes to accept or decline the candidate and his/her terms of call.
  10. Following a vote to accept, the pastor is installed 


Q: Who’s running the church in the meantime?  

A: Interim pastor, Tom Dabasinskas who was nominated by subcommittee of session after consideration of a number of candidates and voted on by Session, will be a bridge between Pastor Mike and our new pastor, and will support the ongoing ministries and committees at North Point. This transitional time is important to allow the church to adjust and prepare for the changes ahead. Even though pastor Mike isn’t leaving the area, our congregation will still be grieving the loss of his leadership and regular presence at North Point. This process shouldn’t be rushed. Tom is specially trained to administer to churches in transition,  and can help make this a healthy and productive time for the congregation.  

Q: What input will the congregation have in this process?  

A: The congregation’s participation will be essential for the PNC to create a clear and accurate resume” (MIF) that will attract the attention of the pastor God is calling to North Point. All congregants will be asked to give input in two forumsat one of the congregational gatherings, scheduled for 4 Sundays after church in August, and through the online REVEAL survey which will take place at the end of October. Congregants may notify the nominating committee if they wish to serve on the PNC. And members will vote, both for the PNC and for whether to accept the PNC’s chosen candidate. Most of all, congregants will participate by continuing to support each other and fellowship and the ministries of North Point, at church, in the community, an in the world. We’re in this together and as we listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus as body, we will come through this transition stronger and more mature as a congregation — ready to embark on the next phase of the work God has for us to do.  

Members of our nominating committee:

Kelly Verduin
Keith Heino
Angel Sellick
Kristi Repp
Penny Stokke
Tom Evans
Michael Perkins

Important terms and abbreviations:  

PNC: Pastoral Nominating Committee. The seven member group tasked with nominating our next long-term pastor.  

MIF: Ministry Information Form. The church’s “resume,” which prospective candidates will review to discern a call. The MIF will be created by the PNC.  

PIF: Pastor Information Form. Pastor candidates’ resumes, which they will send to the PNC if seeking a call to North Point.  

Mission Study Subcommittee: Group task with gathering and compiling data about the community and the North Point congregation and using it to create the North Point Church Mission Study Report. The PNC will use the information in this report to create the MIF. The congregation will have access to this report.  

REVEAL: The online survey North Point has used two previous times to gather helpful information on congregants, congregants’ practices, areas of growth and priorities. The goal is 100% participation! 

CLC: Church Leadership Connection. The CLC is a website maintained by the PCUSA to serve as a matching service for Pastors and ministries.