Covid Opening Info for Parents

This Sunday, July 12, we will be opening back up for in-person services. You will need to register on-line as we are still in phase 2 and still limited in how many we can accommodate, but I hope that I will be able to see you soon. I’ve really missed everyone!

We will provide Nursery care for kids under 5 with Carmella. Please see the guidelines below.

We will be doing Sunday School a bit differently also.  I will be putting together Sunday School packets, just like we have been doing for the last 4 months. However, they will not be delivered on Thursday. Instead they will be ready for the kids to pick up on Sunday mornings as they go into the service with their parents.

We are encouraging the kids to stay with their families during the entire service time. They can work on their Sunday School lessons in their seats. (We will provide baggies with markers and pencils.)

However, I know that it’s not always easy for the kids to sit, so we will offer 1 Sunday School class for the kids who want to come.There will be a time in the service, after the beginning worship, when the children will be dismissed to the classroom if they wish. We will bring the Sunday School packet that they have already picked up, and we will go over the lesson in the classroom together. We will provide individual baggies with all items that they will need to do the lesson and craft.

For kids and families that are not able to join us on Sunday mornings, we will deliver the packets to your home after church on Sunday afternoons.

Here are our health guidelines for Sunday School and Nursery:

Children’s Ministry Specific Criteria

1. All children over the age of 5 will be encouraged to wear a PPE face covering.

2. All teachers and workers will wear PPE face coverings.

3. Tables and other surfaces will be sanitized before children arrive and after they depart.

4. Temperatures of children and staff entering the classroom will be checked with a forehead thermometer.

5. Children or persons with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will be sent home.

6. All teachers will wash their hands with soap and water before and after class.

7. Upon entering AND leaving the classroom during class, everyone will use either hand sanitizer or hand wipes to ensure cleanliness.

Nursery Specific Criteria

1. The Nursery classroom will run separate from the Elementary School class and will be opened at 9:00AM Sunday mornings until the end of the service.

2. Parents will not enter the nursery area. Drop off and pick up will be at the door.

3. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival, children with temps of 100.4 of greater will be sent home.

4. Nursery age children will not be required to wear a mask.

5. Very few toys are in the nursery–only a few that can be sanitized immediately after use.

6. We will encourage parents to bring one small to medium-sized sanitized toy for their child in a tote bag.

7. We will provide an individual lesson packet for each child with a Bible story and coloring page which the children will take home.

8. We will provide individual baggies for each child containing markers which will be sanitized after use.

9. Single serve snacks will be provided for the children, and children can bring their own water bottle. Gloves will be worn by the person distributing the snacks

Elementary School Specific Criteria:

1. There will be one (1) combined Sunday School class at the 9:30AM service.

2. Temperatures will be taken prior to entry to the classroom children with temps of 100.4 or greater will be sent home.

3. Packets with all Sunday School materials will be assembled for each family.

4. Children will be given the choice to either take their packet and sit with parents during the 9:30 AM service or attend Sunday school class. This way they will still be able to engage with the class materials each week.

5. Children will be encouraged to bring their own writing/coloring tools. However, we will also have individual baggies with crayons, markers, and pencil.

6. Only the children to whom the family packet of materials is addressed will be able to handle that packet. There will be individual-sized baggies filled with writing and coloring tools, glue sticks, and any other necessary church-provided items. There will be no shared items, and all items will be sanitized after use.

7. If parents decide to release their children to Sunday School after the worship time, the children can bring their packets to the large Sunday School room.

8. The children will be able to sit at the classroom tables. Teachers will attempt to maintain the proper distance between persons throughout the Sunday School classroom time.

9. No food or snacks will be provided, and we ask that no food or drink be brought into the classroom by the children.