We had an AMAZING turnout on Monday!!!!!  285 students and about 20 volunteers, who knows how many behind the scenes bakers and prayer partners and better weather all made lunch work super well.  Thank you all for the parts that you played.  We know that the students absolutely love coming over; let’s keep it that way all spring.

For the  May 9th lunch we are forecasting to have close to 350 students and we will be serving pasta, garlic bread ,Caesar salad  and dessert.  Pasta is our most challenging lunch in the amount going on in the kitchen and in timing everything.  If you have the desire and ability to cook either 4 lbs. of pasta or a few pounds of ground beef the day prior and bring it on Monday by 9:30 it would be appreciated. Ingredients will be purchased a few days prior and we can arrange to meet so that you have them to cook.  I am mentally working on a design to have two lunch lines to expedite so all of us will be busy.

One more thing—we are in need of desserts!!!!!  Perhaps a neighbor or friend can make some cookies or brownies and you can bring them.  Fortunately, we were able to supplement with store bought cookies this week but having homemade is a fantastic experience for the students.  If you need help with drop off or general questions reach out to me via email or at 360-598-1542 and leave me a message.  Let’s see if we can break an all time record….I believe that is around 325 students.  Thank you for all that you do!

Showing the light,