Sunday School Mask Update
March 11, 2022

Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know, Washington State is lifting the mask mandate for most venues and events. We are following the recommendations of our state’s Department of Health (, and so beginning this Sunday we will no longer ask that students or teachers mask up.

 But I also realize that after 2 years of wearing masks, there is a bit of anxiety with some kids who may not be ready for this. In talking to some of the teens at the Next Door, there is definitely a level of comfort that the masks have provided. So, whether or not your child chooses to continue with wearing a mask, please let them know that we will be completely accepting of their choice and nothing will be said.

 The same will be true of any teachers who wish to continue to wear a mask.

 However, still if your child is not feeling well, or you think they have been exposed to the Covid virus, please keep them at home as per the DOH guidelines.


Thank you,
Darla Muya
Children’s Ministry Director