Letting God Reign in Our Work
Series: Thy Kingdom Come
Matthew 19-20
Pastor Tom Dabasinskas

Questions to Discuss after Watching the Sermon:

  1. What is God’s purpose and vision for your work?
  2. When in your work are you most and least connected to God’s purposes? Why?


For Further Reflection on the Topic of Today’s Sermon:

The Search for God and Guinness: A biography of the beer that changed the world by Stephen Mansfield

Fruitfulness on the Frontlines: Making a difference where you are by Mark Greene

Where Prayer Becomes Real by Kyle Strobel and John Coe


A daily prayer exercise to help you see God’s kingdom coming through your work:

  1. Begin by prayerfully presenting yourself and your day to God. “ Lord I am here; I present myself and this day to you for your glory.”
  2. Then for the next minute or two remind yourself before God who you are not. This might include prayers like: “I am not a person who needs to be perfect at work today. I am not a person who needs to make that important business deal happen. My work is not about me being loved or esteemed by others. God these are concerns I think and feel, but they are not who You created me to be.”
  3. Then in the next minute of prayer, remind yourself of who you truly are. This might include prayers like: “God thank-you that I am your beloved. That is who I truly am. I am loved, forgiven and accepted by you even though I may not be accepted by others. I am one in whom you Spirit dwells. Your power is perfected in the midst of my weakness. Help me reflect that in my work today.”


When you pray this, you might begin to think or feel, “Liar, you don’t believe that or want that.” Share those thoughts with God. Be honest about your weakness and need. You will discover that you can do nothing apart from Him, but with Him all things are possible! Remember it is not within our power to transform ourselves, but it is within our power to come honestly to the One who is transforming us.

Adapted from the spiritual practice of recollection given in the book, Where Prayer Becomes Real by Kyle Strobel and John Coe