We will be working a video of North Point and North Point friends and family singing Jesus Loves Me together. Participants are invited to sing the verse and chorus twice, and record using their smart phones. These will be compiled to create a fun group project reminding people how much Jesus loves them! Contact Joel Skellie at joelskellie@gmail.com to participate. 

The Idea: to put together a video of as many people,  whether or not they are members of North Point, singing  Jesus Loves Me. Participants are to sing the verse and  chorus through twice, using their iPhone or other smart  phone to create their video personal. A single video will  then be created out of all the submitted videos, featuring  all participants, either individually and/or collectively.  

How to participate: Thanks for letting me know of your  interest in being involved. Please let me know if you need  any help putting your video together. Again, my email  address is joelskellie@gmail.com, and my phone/text # is  (360) 434-4080 

How to make your own video:  

  1. You’ll find below the soundtrack  featuring Beth Cockrell singing Jesus Loves Me.  2. Download this file and use it to make your recording 3. You will simply make the recording by singing along  with Beth.  
  2. It is best that you play the provided soundtrack on a  different device than the one you’re recording your  video on. (I.E., another phone, or a laptop/desktop  computer) 
  3. Also, if possible, while you record your voice(s) on  your phone, listen to the soundtrack using just one ear  bud of a set of ear buds,. That will help keep the  soundtrack from being heard on your video recording
  4. It will be helpful for you to listen to the soundtrack a  couple of times, and then rehearse a few times before  recording your video 
  5. Open the camera app of your iPhone/Smart phone 8. Either take a “selfie”, or choose a place to mount the  camera while you record the video 
  6. Be sure to position the phone in a “landscape” mode,  rather than a “portrait” mode. I.E., it should be  ‘sideways’ and not ‘up and down.’  
  7. Be aware of what might be in the background of your  shot: you might not want a pile of dirty laundry to  feature in your video 🙂 
  8. Do not worry about what your record before or after  the song. I’ll edit your video to include just the song,  nothing else, honest! 
  9. Send your video back to Joel. He’ll put the whole  thing together after everyone has submitted their  videos. Most smartphones have a “send” feature for  your video. Just use that, if possible. Either a text or  email will work fine. 
  10. The main thing is to have fun doing this. Be as  creative as you wish. Remember, Jesus Loves You, no  matter what, period! 

Thanks for participating! Joel