Congrats to the winners of our January Joy Bake off! 

Click on the cookie names for photos and recipes!

Baker: Sophia Cramer/Maggie Cramer
Judges’ Comments:
Chocolate heaven! Looked like professional wrapping, liked the doggie ribbon, looked like professional wrapping.
Baker: Roxanne Thoemke
Judges’ Comments:
Beautiful, love the red, glorious appearance, smells delish,
Creative packaging like opening a present, Uncle John is great, like opening a surprise, professional looking, best of the best!
Baker: Bella Lamaak
Judges’ Comments:
Beautiful, it reminds me that Valentine’s Day is on its way, I love all the colorful hearts
Baker: Mary Heino
Judges’ Comments:
Nice design contrast of purple and brown is lovely
Simple but fun and exciting, very tempting
Baker: Sharon Pegany
Judges’ Comments:
Amazing details and sprinkles, better than other sugar cookies, great detail, looked like different ice cream flavors, great colors, love the sprinkles
Baker: Patty Skellie
Judges’ Comments:
Great idea, PB and J, loved this mix of flavors, comfort food
1st – M&M Cookies
Baker: Joanna Shields
Judges’ Comments:
I love M and Ms, it looks tasty, the colorful M&Ms poking out made me want to take a big bite right away
Baker: Maggie Cramer and Sophia Cramer
Judges’ Comments:
Raisin gave unexpected, yet exciting flavor, mounds of chocolate chips, so good!!!
Baker: Mary Heino
Judges’ Comments:
I love smores and these scream my name.
Nice and smorey, love the Smores taste with pecan, I’ve never tasted anything like it before!
3rd – Snow Cookie
Baker: Eli Perez
Judges’ Comments:
Package was nice and small… looked like I was opening something from a shop, Hand made, very tasty with little white surprises inside, just the right size

Honorable Mention:

Two more yummy cookies to celebrate!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

Baker: Jann Stimac

Judges’ Comments:

Loved square cookies, big fan, thick and yummy

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

Baker Jenn Evans

Judges’ Comments:  Good simplicity, good ginger, Love the spicy healthy taste,

If you like spice, this is the cookie for you!